The described pricing of 89 USD (VAT excluded) isn’t based on word count. The maximum amount of words for your ‘About’ page will be 400. If you need a word count exceeding 400, contact me for a custom price.

What’s included with every ‘About’ page?

- My use of language tool Grammarly Premium to ensure the highest writing quality and to avoid plagiarism.
- The guarantee that I’ll capture your brand voice and company’s writing style as best as I can.
- 2 free revisions, which include minor changes like the flow and syntax.
- Search engine optimization with your own given keywords.
- In case I use any external sources: all the references I used.

Important to know before you order:

- All orders will be delivered as word documents. The email address I’ll send everything to will be the one you used to place your order. If you’d like me to contact you through a different email, please let me know.
- I don’t offer refunds unless I haven’t carried out the duties that I describe above. I will, however, try to reach a mutually beneficial solution in case I didn’t deliver the content you were hoping for.
- I reserve the right to mention I worked for you on my website unless you specifically request not to do so when you purchase my service.

- Although e-mail communication is included, communication through phone calls will be charged by 0,90 USD a minute.

- For a one-time, non-recurring cooperation, an order of at least 299 USD (VAT excluded) is required. You can combine this service with a different one until you've reached that amount.

Contact me for an estimated turnaround time!

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Do your clients

actually know

who you are?


Company's 'About'-page

Starting at 89 USD (VAT excluded)



You’re proud of your business, as you rightly should be. So why not tell people about it?

Make it easy for your clients to see who you are, what you do, and what your business stands for.

Let me help create the powerful ‘About Us’ or ‘About Me’ page you and your company deserve. Share your story, let the search engines find you, and build a trusting relationship with your clientele.