Simply provide me with your notes, thoughts, ideas, concept, and I’ll get started on your blog post. No inspiration? I can come up with some ideas for you!

Every blog post you order will be at least 1.300 words. If you’re in need of a higher or lower word count, please choose one of my other blogging services.

All my blog post writing includes:

- Adequate research.
- Following the website or blog’s style guide, your brand, or even personal writing voice.
- 2 free revisions which include minor changes like the flow and syntax.
- Social media optimization so people will want to like, comment, and share.
- Search engine optimization with your own given keywords.
- My use of language tool Grammarly Premium to ensure the highest writing quality and to avoid plagiarism.
- In case I use any external sources: all the references I used.
- If required: a call-to-action, which is either a question for your clients/readers or the promotion of one of your products or services.

Possible extras for a negotiable fee:

  • Royalty-free photos (edited to your liking)

  • Photo descriptions

  • Infographics

  • Interviews

  • Deep research

  • Extra revisions

  • Social media teasers

  • A Pinterest pin

  • Post placement through your website's back end

  • A meta description (a snippet of up to about 155 characters which summarizes the blog post’s content).

You have the option between either:

- A bylined blog post of 219 USD (VAT excluded).

- A blog post without a byline of 249 USD (VAT excluded).
- A ghostwritten blog post of 319 USD (VAT excluded).

Important to know before you order:

- Although I will provide you with a blog post, I don’t do blog management. I don’t place the blog into the backend of your site, and I don’t help you with setting up a blog page. You can, however, hire me as a virtual assistant, to help you with your online needs.
- All orders will be delivered as word documents. The email address I’ll send everything to will be the one you placed your order with. If you’d like me to contact you through a different email, please let me know.
- I don’t offer refunds unless I haven’t carried out the duties that I describe above. I will, however, try to reach a mutually beneficial solution in case I didn’t deliver the content you were hoping for.
- I reserve the right to mention I worked for you on my website unless you specifically request not to do so when you purchase my service.

- Although e-mail communication is included, communication through phone calls will be charged by 0,90 USD a minute.

- For a one-time, non-recurring cooperation, an order of at least 299 USD (VAT excluded) is required. You can combine this service with a different one until you've reached that amount.

Contact me for an estimated turnaround time!

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And other extras

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1. Create your own content

2. Post it everywhere

3. Gain exposure

Customized blog post

/ 1.300 words

Starting at 219 USD (VAT excluded)



So you have a fantastic business website. But do you know what’s missing? Excellent blog posts that make your clients want to like, comment, share, and buy your products!

The right blog post can make your sales go through the roof. Gain exposure, become an authority in your sector, increase your chances of appearing in web searches, and drive traffic to your site.

Plus: share your posts on social media and keep your followers up to date and curious.