This website package will help you build and design an engaging, professional website from scratch without taking up any of your valuable time. Let me handle the set-up, the design, the pages of your choice, and the copywriting, whether it's in English, in Dutch, or both.

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The described pricing of 599 USD (VAT excluded) isn’t based on word count. The maximum amount of words for each of the 4 pages will be 300. If you need 1 or more pages with a word count exceeding 300 or you would like to add an extra page, contact me for a custom project price.

What’s included with every professional website content package?

★ The set-up of your catchy and fully responsive website:

- The design of your choice with your preferred style, primary and accent colors, and stock pictures or pictures you provide.
- 4 pages of your choice.
- Desktop and mobile compatibility.
- Your social media links.

★ Professional copywriting:

- 4 pages of your choice with up to 300 words of professional copywriting per page.
- My use of language tool Grammarly Premium to ensure the highest writing quality and to avoid plagiarism.
- The guarantee that I’ll capture your brand voice and company’s writing style as best as I can.
- Search engine optimization with your own given keywords.
- In case I use any external sources: all the references I used.

★ Possible copywritten pages I can include for you are:

- Landing page: Get your clients’ attention and direct them to where you want them to go.
- ‘About us’ page: Share your story and build an intimate relationship with your clientele.
- Services page: Let your clients know what you do and why they need you.
- Shop / product description page: Highlight products and let search engines find them. (For this page you’d have to purchase an eCommerce account from Wix directly)
- FAQ page: Get ahead of any questions your clients might have about your business.
- A short, engaging blog post to kick off your blog: Offer advice, link to your products or services, and share the post to any social media to grow your following.

★ 2 free revisions:

- Minor changes like the flow and syntax of the copywriting.
- Anything you’d like to change about your website’s look.

Do you want a professionally designed and copywritten website? Then these are the easy steps we’ll take! I will guide you through them from the moment you’ve emailed me.

1. Contact me to inquire about the website set-up turnaround time. I’ll reply within one business day.
2. Purchase this package.
3. Fill out the questionnaire I send you and tell me what your website has to look like and what copywriting to include.
4. Register for a free account on If you want to add an online shop, you will need to purchase an eCommerce account.
5. I will design and copywrite the first page of your website and will ask for your complete feedback. You’ll have 2 revisions for this page, so it’s 100% to your liking before I move on to your other 3 included pages.

6. I will create the next 3 pages in the same style as the first page.
7. Within 5 business days, after you have approved page 1, I will have your complete initial website design ready.
8. As with the first page, your other pages can be revised twice without any charge.
9. Your professional website is up and running, and you can upgrade your site with a professional domain name.

Important to know before you order:

- I set up your site for you, but a professional domain name is not included. You can buy one directly from Wix after your website is ready.
- I don’t do website maintenance. If somewhere after your 2 free revisions, you’d like to change something about your website, you can hire me as a virtual assistant, and I’d be happy to help you out.
- I don’t design your logo.
- I don’t offer refunds unless I haven’t carried out the duties that I describe above. I will, however, try to reach a mutually beneficial solution in case I didn’t deliver the content you were hoping for.
- I reserve the right to mention I worked for you on my website unless you specifically request not to do so when you purchase my service.

- Although e-mail communication is included, communication through phone calls will be charged by 0,90 USD a minute.

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