Important to know before you order:

- All orders will be delivered as word documents. The email address I’ll send everything to will be the one you used to place your order. If you’d like me to contact you through a different email, please let me know.
- I don’t offer refunds unless I haven’t carried out the duties that I describe above. I will, however, try to reach a mutually beneficial solution if I didn’t deliver the content you were hoping for.
- I reserve the right to mention I worked for you on my website unless you specifically request not to do so when you purchase my service.

- Although e-mail communication is included, communication through phone calls will be charged by 0,90 USD a minute.

- For a one-time, non-recurring cooperation, an order of at least 299 USD (VAT excluded) is required. You can combine this service with a different one until you've reached that amount.

Contact me for an estimated turnaround time!

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Translation service

Starting at 9 USD for 100 words (VAT excluded)



Do you need a professional Dutch-English translator? Look no further! I'm a native Dutch speaker who translates any text you have, no matter the subject.

Simply calculate how long the text is you'd like to get translated from either of the languages. 9 USD gets you up to 100 translated words (VAT excluded), 18 USD up to 200 words, and so on.