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Creative communication

by Lisa's vivid Writing


What's in a name?

'Lisa's vivid Writing', where does that name come from? Glad you asked. In 2020, I was trapped in a remote hostel in Australia for 5 months during a pandemic. I took all kinds of online courses, including one from a mommy blogger who gave her insights on becoming a freelance writer. I applied her tip to choose a clear name for my company quite literally: 'Include your first name, what you do and what sets it apart'. Et voilà, Lisa's vivid Writing was born. And even though my email address may not be the easiest, it's still accurate.

What do I write then?


Informative e-newsletters with an original approach, according to the style of your company and via your chosen e-mail system.

blog posts

From pet seats in cars, over solar panels and water heaters, to cycling and holiday destinations, I've never said no to writing about a subject, no matter how specific.

Copy for print

Posters, flyers, articles or complete company magazines: my writing isn't limited to the World Wide Web.

Social media captions

Those texts that you see on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. With emojis and hashtags and all the trimmings. 😉

Website copy

Yes, just like on this website, but on a different one. Home, about us, what our clients say about us... You get the gist.

In the meantime, however, I do much more than write

Graphic design

From complete campaigns, both offline and online, to complete company magazines. Examples are posters, roll-ups, flyers, Facebook banners, Instagram posts and stories, website banners, and email signatures.

Website design

A website just like this one: completely to your liking and made with WIX. I remain available for your content updates afterwards.

content planning

Updating your website, maintaining various social media channels and writing weekly newsletters? You're too busy for that, but I'm not.

Video editing

Whether it's for YouTube or TikTok, I can create the video you need, with fun effects, informative descriptions and even a smooth voice-over.

Product listings

The copy, but also the graphic design side of these: think product specifications like measurements nicely integrated into your product photos., here you come.

Okay, but uh... Can I see your portfolio?


Send me an email through this form and let me know which services you are interested in. I will send you my relevant experience asap.

Who are you again?

Lisa for friends and clients.

Nice to meet you!

My studies in Journalism and Audiovisual Arts (or 'Creative Writing', to use an understandable title) make me a word fanatic who knows how to highlight the important things in texts. With your wishes always in mind and a listening ear ready on the phone. With and for you I will look into what can give your company that extra boost. With strong copy, striking visuals, and a passion for clear communication.


More about me? Have me over for coffee and vivid copy.

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